3D Textured Wall Panels 600 x 600 x 65 mm

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3D Textured Wall Panels 600 x 600 x 65 mm

3D textured wall panels are a new way of modern home wall decoration. Made of the polyester fiber, 3D wall texture panels are lightweight, durable, moisture proof, ecofriendly, decorative, of outstanding personality, easy installation and operation, and reducing noise. So they are loved by modern people. 3D textured panels are mainly used for home improvement TV back wall, and other decoration.

Advantages of Textured 3D Wall Panels

1. Noise Reduction

Made of 100% polyester fiber material, the internal of texture 3d panels internal has an independent closed bubble structure, which make it a good sound absorption material. Textures 3d panels can effectively reduce the outdoor noise into the room, especially for the study room, bedroom and other space wall decoration. They help to keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable.

3D Textured Wall Panels
2. Green 3D Texture Panels

Our polyester 3D textured wall panels used as decorative walls have a stable chemical and physical structure, which will not mildew, radiate, or pollute the environment. And even removed from the wall, 3d texture panels can still be used again, thus do not cause any waste. The smaller pieces that cut from big size during construction process can be reused, so the textured wall panels are simply high-performance environmentally friendly products.

3. Lightweight and Anti-cracking

3D textured wall panels are light weight, high strength, and good impact resistance. Even in case of long-term suspension or slight vibration, 3d wall textures will not crack or deformation. They have a long life.

4. Easy Installation

The installation of 3d wall panels texture is simple, fast, not subject to seasonal climate and geographical constraints. 3D textured wall panels not only meet the requirements in the decoration and insulation, but also reduce the external wall load of heat exchange.

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