3D Wall Tiles 200 x 200 x 30 mm

3D Wall Tiles Modern Wall Tiles 3 D Tile

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3D Wall Tiles 200 x 200 x 30 mm

3D wall tiles are an innovative architectural wallboard that provides additional dimensions for the walls. What make our 3 D wall tile better are their additional sound absorption and heat insulation properties since our 3D wall tiles are made of 100% environmental friendly polyester fiber.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of 3d wall tiles, we are committed to develop exciting indoor environments through commercial and residential-grade decorative applications. We are pleased to show you our full range of architectural decorative 3d morden wall tiles products as a dramatic alternative to the traditional flat panel.

Modern Wall Revolution

3D wall tiles are an innovative alternative to the traditional flat panel. The combination of 3d wallboard and creative lighting is amazing. With powerful 3D effect, 3D wall tile allows you to live in a luxurious environment and make your home style elegant. With excellent sound absorption performance, our acoustic 3D wall tiles have much more applications than any other 3d tiles. They are often used in schools, office buildings, hotels, universities, restaurant, church acoustics, home and home theater acoustics, office spaces, retails, and so on.

3D Wall Tiles Modern Wall Tiles 3 D Tile
In addition, according to customer requirements, we also provide the relevant installation system and components.

In addition to our extensive design, we will regularly introduce fresh new designs. However, if you have your own wall design concept or idea, please contact us because we also provide customized services. Just send the size of the drawings or sketches to us, preferably in .CAD format.

Use Acoustic Furniture to Match with 3D Wall Tiles

As the saying goes, flowers comes with green leaves. A room decorated with 3D wall tiles should have some special furniture to match.

Using acoustic furniture or furniture made of acoustical materials and moden wall tiles is a new concept in interior design. Chairs, desks, bookcases, shelves, carts and other furniture can be built or modified to contain acoustic materials.

Regardless of where the furniture is placed, the acoustics will be perfect and suitable. This type of setting is particularly desirable for rooms with hard concrete floors and walls, as well as for spaces that wish to maintain their industrial style and atmosphere without increasing walls or 3D ceiling panels.

3D Wall Tiles