Acoustics Solutions

Interior Wall Paneling

Interior Wall Paneling for Classroom Back to the old days, classrooms have no interior wall paneling. As the classrooms getting bigger, microphone is introduced to help students hear more clearly. Does it work well? Without interior paneling for walls or ceiling, the result is of no surprise. A recent study reported that many students were […]

Home Theater Wall Panels

How to Choose the Right Home Theater Wall Panels There are a lot of acoustic home theater panels on the market, which makes it difficult for people to choose home theater wall panels for home theater wall decor. How many sound-absorbing materials do you know? What’s the advantages and disadvantages? Here is some general information […]

Acoustic Panels for Walls

Acoustic Panels for Walls Acoustic treatment is usually done on walls or ceilings. Our environmental friendly acoustic panels for walls are widely used in classrooms, recording studios, conference rooms, hotel lobby, auditorium, education facilities, leisure centres, reception areas, studio sound, and so on. Let’s take classrooms acoustics for example. Noise reduction panels for walls are […]