Polyester Acoustic Panels 2420 x 1220 x 9 mm

Polyester Acoustic Panels Polyester Wall Panels

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Polyester Acoustic Panels 2420 x 1220 x 9 mm

Polyester acoustic panels are environmentally friendly sound absorption board, made of 100% pure polyester fiber. They have more advantage than the traditional mostly used sound control panel glass wool and they can be used as polyester wall panels and polyester ceiling panels.

Polyester Panel Size & Specifications

Size: 2440x1220mm, 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
Thickness: 9, 12mm
Density: 1.1 kg/m2, 1.3 kg/m2, …

Polyester Acoustic Panels Polyester Wall Panels


Sound-absorbing materials for cinemas, stadiums, churches, auditoriums and studios.
Interior decoration materials for a house, apartment, vehicle, etc.

Thermal Bonding without Chemical Substances

Polyester fiber acoustic panel is made of 100% polyester fiber and is bonded using heat rather than conventional chemical adhesives. Since polyester is naturally resistant to moisture, pests, insects, molds and bacteria, so do polyester acoustic panels. Our polyester material is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergic, and safe for people who touch it. This means that there is no annoying itching and scratching, and there is no ongoing health problem for the building occupants.

Easy to Install

Polyester acoustic panels are easy to install. Just put them on the standard ceiling frame, and paste or fasten on the wall framing when they are used as polyester wall panels.

Polyester Acoustic Panels Size

Eco-friendly Manufacturing and Recycling

The polyester acoustic panels are made of polyester fiber only and therefore fully recyclable at the end of their life. The panels are manufactured according to our zero waste policy and use low-energy production processes, making them one of the most environmentally friendly absorption and insulation solution on the market.

Made to Last Long

Polyester acoustic panel products are very durable and will not settle or deteriorate over time. All our polyester fiber acoustic panels are made in China under strict quality control standards and they comply with or exceed all specifications of China building codes.

Health and Safety

No glue is used in manufacturing polyester decorative wall panels, while some other forms of insulation products are bonded with glue. It is known to all that the many glues breaks down over time and releases a chemical substance called formaldehyde which causes health problems.

Polyester has no negative impact on health. The hot-bonded polyester fiber acoustic panel does not release the fibers into the air. That’s why it is used for many hospital and building with air conditioning systems. Polyester fiber panels are available with fire-resistant version, which is automatically extinguished and the flame will not spread.