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3D Ceiling Panels

3D ceiling panels are getting popular in interior decoration. High ceiling, hard floor and dry wall can cause acoustic disasters in the office. From an aesthetic point of view, these types of offices are attractive and offer a clean, complex look. However, if you have ever had a conference call in such a room, then you will find that the echo problem can move fast. Even if a small amount of sound exists, the conversation becomes hard to hear.

Why is that?

The sound from the phone speaker or voice from colleagues echoed around the room and rebounded from any hard surface. The reflection of this sound is called “flutter echo”. When two flat surfaces are placed in parallel, the flutter echo occurs, and the sound is reflected quickly, with little or no absorption. This not only takes place between the two walls, but also happen between the floor and the ceiling.

So what can you do to make up for this sound problem? Acoustic 3D false ceiling.

3D Ceiling Panels
Obviously, the introduction of sound-absorbing material into space is of the utmost importance … a non-negotiable, even. Here are some creative and visually appealing ways. You do not have to sacrifice cooler factors and have better acoustics in your workplace.

1. Suspension 3D Ceiling Panels

Although it is not so gorgeous, the hanging 3D ceiling panels can have different styles and can even work in a lighting environment. We recommend that you allow the experts to participate before installing your own baffle lighting system. Just add a hanging acoustic 3D ceiling panel to the center of your desk or room, taking into account the size of the space, you can greatly improve the acoustics of the office by reducing the volume and absorbing more noise.

2. 3D ceiling Panels on Grid

The acoustic ceiling 3D panels on grid is similar to the idea of ​​a hanging ceiling, and the acoustic 3D ceiling art panels can absorb sound while covering a wide range of surface areas on the ceiling. The difference is that they are horizentally installed on standard ceiling grid.

People often thought of acoustic problem after the design and construction of the wall and ceiling panels. However, acoustics are as important as lighting and office layout. By taking these tips and using it for your space, you can solve your echo problems at any time.