3D Ceiling Art

3D Ceiling Art Acoustic Panels On Ceiling Sound Panels

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3D Ceiling Art

When it comes to acoustic panels on ceiling, what can you think of? Traditional ceiling sound panels are flat. They look well but if you want something innovative, there is 3D ceiling art panel.

3D ceiling art panel has a beautiful shape, which can make up for shortcoming of the original building structure. If the concrete ceiling is too high making the room look empty, you can use the 3D ceiling art to reduce the height; If the concrete ceiling is too low, you can also handle through the 3D ceiling art, taking advantage of visual error, make the room look high.

Some of the original building looks ugly as roof of the beam and heating pipes exposed outside, you can cover the above deficiencies with 3D ceiling art, so that the top looks orderly and not messy. 3D ceiling art can enrich the top shape and enhance visual appeal, so that the top is of rich personality, which reflects the unique style of decoration.

3D Ceiling Art
Product name: 3D ceiling art boards
Product Material: 100% polyester fiber (PET)
Product Dimensions: 300mm DIA * 1200mm H
Product Thickness: 12mm

More sizes and colors can be customized.

In addition to used as sound absorbing panels ceiling, 3D ceiling art can also enrich the indoor light source level to achieve a good lighting effect. Some residential original building lighting lines are very simple, and lighting system is not so good, so it can not create a good light environment. 3D ceiling art can help hide the lines, you can also set the lamp in the panels to realize point light, line light and face light, thus improve indoor light color.

3D ceiling art also absorbs heat. If there is no insulation layer in the top floor ceiling, when the roof is directly under the sun in summer, the room is as hot as steamer. You can add a ceiling through the insulation layer which plays a cooling function. In winter, it becomes an insulation layer, so that the indoor heat is not easy to drain through the roof.

In addition, ceiling is one of the means of partitioning space. Through the 3D ceiling tiles, you can make the original layer of the same two connected spaces become high and low, thus dividing the two different areas.

For example, in the living room and the restaurant, through the ceiling split, even though the two parts have different function, the lower space is coherent and transparent, serving two purposes.

3D Ceiling Art Acoustic Panels On Ceiling Sound Panels