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Decorative Wall Panels

Our interior decorative wall panels are also environmentally friendly sound-absorbing boards made of 100% polyester fiber, which is bonded by heat rather than conventional chemical adhesives. Since polyester is naturally resistant to moisture, pests, insects, molds and bacteria, so do our interior decorative panels.

Interior Decorative Wall Panels Specification

Title: Wall panels decorative interior
Thickness and Density: 9 mm (1.3kg/m2), 12mm
Size: 2420x1220mm
NRC: 0.85
Panel composition: 100% polyester fiber
Edge detail: Square, Bevel
Color: White, gray, light beige, black beige, blue, sky blue, green, melon, purple, yellow, dark green, red, black

Since these decorative wall panels have the special functions, they are not just being used as interior decoration material for normal projects, but also widely used in acoustic projects such as theater and home theater, gymnasium and multifunctional rooms, commercial and office buildings, studios and production houses, restaurants and nightclubs, government and municipal buildings, schools and universities, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Decorative Wall Panels
* There is slight color difference between the picture and real interior wall panels decorative product.

Installation Method

Adhesion and Nails
Construction-grade adhesives have the greatest flexibility adapt to different job site conditions. Shoot nails on the edge of wall decor panels and the nails will be invisible.

Hook and Loop Fasteners
Velcro hook and loop fastening systems are used for occasional removed panels, but are not frequently used as it degrade the effectiveness of fasteners.

Z-clip Accessories
When you need to remove the decorative wall panel frequently, use the mechanical “Z” clip. The clip is attached to the panel on back and is connected to the wall with screws.

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