Polyester Board 9 12 24 mm Thick

Polyester Board Sound Absorbing Polyester Acoustic Boards

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Polyester Board 9 12 24 mm Thick

Polyester board is a cost-effective sound absorbing and decorative material, providing excellent acoustic performance when used as polyester wall and ceiling panels. Polyester fibers, as the raw material for polyester board, have a wide range of end uses in the fields of medical care, food storage and display, clothing and bedding, and insulation. This clearly shows a high degree of cleanliness, safety and consumer satisfaction.

Why Polyester?

As more and more people getting worried about the possible problems with glass fiber materials entering the home or office. Architects, builders and designers are trying to find safe, soft and easy-to-install alternative products. Now they have polyester board which can not only be used in construction industry, but also the furniture industry. Polyester is a completely safe, user-friendly fiber, cost-effective and easy to handle.

Polyester Board

Polyester board is alternative to glass fiber, Rock wool, Polyurethane foam, and sponge foam as they have many advantages. Polyester is pest proof and will not provide nutrition for keratin eating insects. The polyester is hydrophobic and naturally repels moisture, making the product remain unaffected if it’s accidentally exposed to moisture.

Acoustic Application – Polyester Sound Board

Polyester boards have increasingly being an effective and cost-effective alternative to the construction industry. Polyester acoustic board is used for a wide range of applications where acoustics is of greatest concern, which proven that it’s as a safe, cost-effective and long-term option for architects, builders and owners. Our polyester acoustic panels are widely used in conference rooms, classrooms, airports, hospital, auditorium hall, conference rooms, leisure center, reception area, studio design, etc.

Thermal Application of Polyester Board

Thermal insulation layer reduces the heat loss through the building’s structure, such as walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. By adding bulk insulation, you can adjust the interior temperature. Today when discussing insulation, the first thought is the use of thermal insulating materials rather than sound insulation or any other. People have been using thermal insulation materials for thousands of years for their own and his family to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Polyester Board Sound Absorbing Polyester Acoustic Boards

When designing a house or building, all aspects of the building must be considered. The direction of the building will significantly affect the requirements of structural insulation. The presence or absence of shadows will have an effect on the heat transfer through the walls and ceiling. Large windows, especially in the north and west of the building, can offset the effects of insulating walls and ceilings. Wall material of the building will affect the heat transfer rate, thus affecting the required insulation level. Polyester board has excellent thermal performance.

The relative levels of external and internal temperatures will affect the insulation level. In addition to the above, the main entrance and exit of heat into the building are the ceiling and walls. The installation of the correct insulation level on the ceiling / roof can significantly improve the livability and comfort of the building. In this way, the entry or exit of heat through the walls, roofs or floors of the building can be greatly reduced, thus, making the residents more comfortable and saving heating or cooling costs.

When polyester board is used as decorative sound absorbing polyester board, 9mm thick with high density is enough. When it’s used as thermal insulation panel, 50mm thick with lower density is recommended. Click Here for more details about using polyester board as acoustic panel.