Interior Wall Paneling

Interior Wall Paneling for Classroom

Back to the old days, classrooms have no interior wall paneling. As the classrooms getting bigger, microphone is introduced to help students hear more clearly. Does it work well? Without interior paneling for walls or ceiling, the result is of no surprise.

A recent study reported that many students were unable to understand nearly 30% of classroom speeches due to excessive noise and sound reverberation. Appropriate acoustics internal wall panels or ceiling in the classrooms for teachers and students of the successful learning environment is essential.

In the classroom around the world, technological innovation and learning resources are changing the way we educate our students and driving the change in classroom interior design. The correct sound management in the classroom is an important part of the success of teachers and students, and the classroom sound problem can not be solved without changing interior panelling.

The American Language Listening Association (ASHA), developed standards to solve the problem of reverberation time and background noise in the classroom, as well as their impact on speech intelligibility. With these standards, interior designers now have guidance when they plan for interior wall paneling or ceiling.

Maximum reverb time:

In a less than 10,000 cubic feet of unmanned classroom, is 0.6 seconds
10,000 square feet to 20,000 cubic feet of classroom for 0.7 seconds

Maximum background noise level:

35 dB

These requirements apply to the design of new classrooms or small to medium learning spaces. When we look at these numbers, you will find that most classrooms have a noise level that exceeds the recommended maximum level. The average noise level of most classrooms with traditional paneling interior walls boards may be between 66 dB and 94 dB.

By educating architects and designers on these acoustics design standards, any architect will be better prepared to design a better, more acoustic acoustics learning environment.

Polyester Paneling for Interior Walls

Our polyester interior wall paneling is a new eco-friendly acoustic decorative wall panel, which is perfect for classroom. More importantly, they are wall paneling cheap 4×8 interior paneling. Cost effective is always one of the key reasons for a good product to be widely accepted and used. They are the future for education and a better learning environment.

The ANSI standard is voluntary, but more and more architects are aware of that. By educating their own standards, architects are better prepared to design a better and more robust learning environment to improve the learning experience of students and teachers.

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