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China Acoustic Sound Panels Manufacturers Sound Treatment Panels China 2420X1220mm

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China Acoustic Sound Panels

Sound treatment panels china are absorbent and insulating fibers, which are specially developed for interior and exterior decoration of buildings to protect life and the environment. China acoustic sound panel is made of polyester fiber by china acoustic sound panels factory, which is a revolutionary environmentally friendly material, completely safe for human health, and 100% recyclable, semi-permanent and highly durable.

100% polyester fiber is made into cotton shape by high-tech hot pressing, which realizes the diversification of density to ensure ventilation, and becomes an excellent product of sound absorption and heat insulation materials. In the noise range of 125~4000Hz, the highest sound absorption coefficient is above 0.9. According to different needs, shorten the reverberation time adjustment, eliminate sound impurities, improve sound effects, and improve speech clarity. The acoustic wall panel china product has the characteristics of decoration, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, light weight, easy processing, stability, impact resistance and easy maintenance. Acoustic wall panels china can not be used as interior decoration. Its composition contains glass fiber, which will be mixed in the air when dry, and the damage caused by inhalation is not less than PM2.5. Therefore, polyester fibre acoustic board is usually used for engineering noise reduction.

Feature and Info of China Acoustic Sound Panels

NRC sound absorption rate: 0.75
Fire, water and impact resistance
Environmental protection
Keep warm
Easy to cut and easy to install.
Size 2420x1220mm
Material 100% polyester
Thickness 9mm, 12mm, etc.

China Acoustic Sound Panels Factory Polyester Fibre Acoustic Board Acoustic Wall Panels China

Safety of sound treatment panel China

The safety performance of polyester fiber china acoustic sound panels is reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, the acoustic polyester boards have excellent mechanical properties, is light in weight, and will not produce fragments or fragments like brittle materials (such as perforated gypsum board and cement fiber compression board) after impact damage. There is a danger of the stopper falling. On the other hand, after the release of harmful substances, the formaldehyde emission standard requirement is ≤1.5mg/1, and the test result is 0.05mg/1 after testing by the relevant state departments. It meets the requirements of the national standard GB18580-2001E1 and meets the requirements for direct use of interior decoration.

Application of acoustic wall panels China

Building insulation by china acoustic sound panels manufacturers
Polyester fibre acoustic boards for cinemas, stadiums, churches, auditoriums and studios, home theaters
Internal filling material acoustic insulation batts for wall panels, ceilings and partitions
Interior decoration materials for houses and apartments