Acoustic Screens

Acoustic Screens for Office

Today’s offices are more open than ever before, aiming to collaborate. Research shows that open floor plans can help improve employee productivity while reducing stress and improving energy efficiency.

While these types of open plan designs may make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate, they bring a new set of challenges, one of which is increasing noise level. More people in open space means more echo and more noise to confront. Here are new some acoustic solutions for office.

Acoustic Screen – Floor to Ceiling

Most people connect acoustic panels to solid wall panel. Check this attractive acoustical screen: the open design of the screen can help to eliminate the sound and provide some privacy appearance, but at the same time can help keep the space open feeling. The screen is also decorative and can be part of the style of the room.

Acoustic Screens for Office Table

Polyester acoustic screen is environmental friendly, colorful and removable. Unlike glass and aluminum frame office table, polyester acoustic screens make people warm in the heart. Office can be not just the forest made of cold glass and aluminum.

Acoustic Screens

Modular Acoustic Screen for Office

One of the biggest benefits of the open office concept is the ability of employees, office workers and guests to meet their needs at any time and work anytime and anywhere. Because many open plans do not have fixed workstations, it is difficult to anticipate employee sound control needs. Although it is absolutely possible to cover every inch of the office with a noise board and a baffle, sometimes it is unnecessary.

For such a situation, the modular sound screen is the ideal solution. The modular acoustic screens can be set up in a few seconds around conference table, or where the employee may need immediate privacy and sound control. The panels can be placed in the proper position, can also be easily removed, and can be carefully superimposed when not in use. Now, the room can be as open and smooth as you choose, while still retaining a lot of functionality and flexibility.

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