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TABLE OF CONTENTS I. IntroductionII. Understanding Acoustic 3D TilesIII. Enhancing Acoustic Performance A. Sound Absorption B. Sound Reflection and DiffusionIV. Design ConsiderationsV. Conclusion I. Introduction Acoustic performance has become an essential factor when designing interior spaces in contemporary architecture, prompting innovative solutions such as 3D tiles design that not only serve as decorative pieces but […]

I. Introduction Selecting the ideal 3D tiles for wall is key when it comes to creating an environment you love in any space, and 3D tiles for walls have recently gained great popularity for their ability to add depth and texture. They create three-dimensional effects by giving walls three-dimensional depth and texture, raising visual appeal […]

I. Introduction In today’s ever-evolving interior design world, three dimensional wall panels have become an exciting trend that is revolutionizing how we perceive and adorn our living spaces. Popular among interior designers due to their ability to add depth, texture, and visual interest into any room design scheme – let’s delve into their world and […]

Interior Wall Paneling for Classroom Back to the old days, classrooms have no interior wall paneling. As the classrooms getting bigger, microphone is introduced to help students hear more clearly. Does it work well? Without interior paneling for walls or ceiling, the result is of no surprise. A recent study reported that many students were […]

3D Wall Panels Many people choose to use 3D wall panels because of their pleasing look. In fact, some 3 d wall panels are more than that as they can have functional properties such as acoustic performance at the time. Nowadays noise seems to be everywhere. For instance, conference room is often more echo chamber […]

Acoustic Screens for Office Today’s offices are more open than ever before, aiming to collaborate. Research shows that open floor plans can help improve employee productivity while reducing stress and improving energy efficiency. While these types of open plan designs may make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate, they bring a new set […]

3D Wall Boards Commercial office buildings do not have to be boring because of 3D wall boards. The office is now designed around the way people work and interact, which means the end of the compartment and corner office, as well as the start of a more playful, user friendly and fun working environment. These […]

How to Choose the Right Home Theater Wall Panels There are a lot of acoustic home theater panels on the market, which makes it difficult for people to choose home theater wall panels for home theater wall decor. How many sound-absorbing materials do you know? What’s the advantages and disadvantages? Here is some general information […]

3D Wall Art Panels Acoustic 3D wall art panels helps to reduce the unnecessary reflection of any room in your home or building. Use 3 D colored or 3D white wall art in your home or office, you can make a statement while control the sound at the same time. The idea of ​​the 6 […]

Acoustic Panels for Walls Acoustic treatment is usually done on walls or ceilings. Our environmental friendly acoustic panels for walls are widely used in classrooms, recording studios, conference rooms, hotel lobby, auditorium, education facilities, leisure centres, reception areas, studio sound, and so on. Let’s take classrooms acoustics for example. Noise reduction panels for walls are […]